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Buckeye Yeti’z Books is a husband and wife owned company that writes and illustrates educational, heartfelt children’s books. Our first publication is No Tail, No Hops, No Problem! which helps kids realize their worth and helps them build confidence. Our children’s books are written, illustrated, and printed in the USA.

Characters in the children's book, No Tail, No Hops, No Problem!

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No Tail, No Hops, No Problem!

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This is Emily and Eric’s first publication. Read their story here!

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Meet all of your favorite characters from the green giraffe to the rockstar kangaroo!

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My wife and I are from Northeast Ohio and started our children’s book business in January of 2022. We came out with our first book in May which is written and illustrated by us. My wife drew the pictures and I overlayed in photoshop. We hope you enjoy the story and share it with others! Thanks for visiting our page!

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