Rockin’ Through the Outback

From Joey to Jack,

I could never hop.

When my friends would dance and play all day,

I would always have to stop.

What good is a kangaroo that can’t jump?

My real passion is music.

I buried it deep in my heart.

I dreamed of being a rockstar,

But I didn’t look the part.

I’d watch the gang from AC/DC

As they’d spin around and bop.

I thought my dream was doomed,

Since I’m a kangaroo who cannot hop.

As I sat around disappointed one day,

A man on tour stopped by to say,

“Keep your chin up, Joe, there is more to life than just hopping.

Take this guitar and follow my lead, and we will start rocking!”

From that moment on, Scott taught me how to play.

So I practiced and practiced,

And my career was underway.

I jammed at parks, venues, and homes.

Then I made it all the way to the Sydney Super Dome!

I found success and went to the top of the charts

I’m glad I achieved a goal I held so close to my heart.

Although I couldn’t hop like all of my mates,

I have other incredible talents that make me feel great!

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