Rockin’ Through the Outback

From Joey to Jack,

I could never hop.

When my friends would dance and play all day,

I would always have to stop.

What good is a kangaroo that can’t jump?

My real passion is music.

I buried it deep in my heart.

I dreamed of being a rockstar,

But I didn’t look the part.

I’d watch the gang from AC/DC

As they’d spin around and bop.

I thought my dream was doomed,

Since I’m a kangaroo who cannot hop.

As I sat around disappointed one day,

A man on tour stopped by to say,

“Keep your chin up, Joe, there is more to life than just hopping.

Take this guitar and follow my lead, and we will start rocking!”

From that moment on, Scott taught me how to play.

So I practiced and practiced,

And my career was underway.

I jammed at parks, venues, and homes.

Then I made it all the way to the Sydney Super Dome!

I found success and went to the top of the charts

I’m glad I achieved a goal I held so close to my heart.

Although I couldn’t hop like all of my mates,

I have other incredible talents that make me feel great!

The Boy Who was Afraid of the Dark

A Short Story for Children

By Emily Yetzer

He held tight to his teddy bear,

As his mom turned off the light.

The boy knew all days ended with bedtime,

But that didn’t make the dark less scary at night.

The boy’s mind was filled with big thoughts.

He tossed and he turned in bed.

Are there creatures and monsters hiding?

Is that a shadow, or the boogeyman’s head?!

He tip-toed towards the window and peered out.

A big brown owl flew in the night sky.

“He’s not scared of the dark,” thought the boy.

“I must ask him why!

“Excuse me,” said the boy; The owl turned in reply. 

“How do you fly at night without a care?”

“There’s a light in the sky, called the moon that,

I, Wisdom the Owl, know will always be there.”

The little boy sprung to his closet.

And he pulled out a camping light.

“Thank you, Wisdom, this will help, 

He said with delight.” 

For three weeks and two days

The boy slept peacefully at night.

Not a single thought of a scary creature

Filled his mind with fright.

The light kept out the boogeyman. 

It kept out the scary creatures.

The light kept out ghouls and bad dreams

And the under-the-bed creepers.

Three weeks and three days from the owl’s visit,

The boy tried to turn on the light, but it was burnt out!

His mind instantly filled with fear,

It filled with worries and doubt.

Then just before the scary things

Started creeping in his mind.

He made a decision to think brave thoughts.

He thought of things that were happy and kind.

The thought of Wisdom the Owl flying,

Swept into his brain.

He also thought of his birthday party,

And playing in puddles in the rain.

Suddenly he felt the same peace in his heart

That he’d felt when the camping light was bright.

And perched up on the tree outside, 

Wisdom the Owl shared his insight.

“See little boy,”

The owl said with a grin.

“The good thoughts were always there for you,

You just have to let the light in.”

From that moment on,

The little boy wasn’t scared at all.

Because he knew the darkness was no match

For the light that shines within us all

Children’s Books are On Sale Now!

We are excited to announce that we are open for business and look forward to providing fun, educational children’s books to our customers. My fiancé, Emily, and I wrote the book together. She drew all the pictures in the book and I overlayed them in Photoshop. Our first book, No Tails, No Hops, No Problem is out now and can be purchased here. We are looking forward to writing more books to help spread joy and kindness.

Our story opens with a couple of kids teasing our main character, Emmy, for wearing glasses. After getting upset, Emmy meets a guide who takes her on an adventure to meet his animal friends who also have differences but are happy the way they are. At the end of the journey, the little girl then understands she is perfect the way she is. Our children’s books provide lessons about confidence and self-worth for children.

It has always been Emily’s dream to write a children’s book, and, after some playful teasing, she came up with the story. I would bend down to my fiancé’s shorter height and say that I was seeing the world through her eyes. She told me that it would be a perfect idea for a children’s book. If other kids could see the world through someone else’s eyes, there would be a lot less bullying and negativity in the world. Our book is a little twist on the concept, as our main character meets animal friends who are a little different but happy with the way they are. After writing the story, we did some research on how to make it a tangible product and voila, Buckeye Yeti’z Books was in business. Our books are written, printed, and illustrated in Ohio. We hope you enjoy the story and spread positivity and love into the world!