Our Characters

Our Characters

George the Giraffe

Likes: Christmas cookies and tacos 

Dislikes: short doorways, airplane seating

Anchor the Orca

Likes: swimming and diving

Dislikes: trips to the desert

Fido the Dog

Likes: chasing my tail

Dislikes: the vacuum cleaner, the mailman

Sheila the Shark

Likes: makeup tutorials, going shopping with friends at The Reef

Dislikes: litter in the ocean, losing my cool


Likes: playing tag on the playground, reading, craft time

Dislikes: bullies, feeling sad

Wisdom the Owl

Likes: philosophy

Dislikes: loud noises, gossip

Freedom the Eagle

Likes: fireworks on the Fourth of July, history class

Dislikes: getting lost on adventures

Joey the Kangaroo

Likes: playing guitar for my favorite band, AB/CD

Dislikes: eucalyptus and off-tune beats

Ray the Sun

Likes: watching creatures love one another

Dislikes: hatred, mean words, judging others

Monty the Caterpillar

Likes: flowers and milkweed

Dislikes: rainy days